Terms and Conditions

Stallholders who are offered and accept a pitch at a Northern Dales Farmers’ Market are agreeing to abide by the following: 


  • Each stallholder is responsible for the insurance of their own property and must have current Public and Products Liability Insurance. We recommend that this is no less than £5m
  • NDFM or the event organisers/managers cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, theft or destruction of any goods, property, vehicles, display or equipment
  • Each stallholder selling food MUST be registered with their local authority and MUST have been inspected by environmental health officers
  • Stallholders included in the FSA food hygiene rating system must have a minimum of 4 STARS. If your inspection rating falls below this you are required to inform the market manager immediately by email to info@northerndalesfarmersmarkets.com
  • Stallholders selling food are expected to possess a Food Hygiene Level 2 Certificate
  • Stallholders must comply with food hygiene regulations for the preparation/storage/packaging and transportation of produce
  • Our markets may be inspected by environmental health teams and trading standards officers (or any other relevant official body) so we ask that on any occasion stallholders are able to show:
    • your food hygiene rating
    • your food hygiene certificates
    • your Public Liability Insurance (or NMTF membership details)
    • Suitable handwash equipment if you are handling food
    • Gas safety cert / PAT test if relevant
  • If you use LPG cylinders  you are required to provide your own barriers and fire extinguisher/s and have carried out a Health & Safety Risk Assessment
  • If you are using x2 LPG cylinders you are required to provide suitable storage facilities. Gas cylinders must not be transported during an event 


  • We require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if you are unable to attend a market/event 
  • If you are unable to attend a market/event please EMAIL info@northerndalesfarmersmarkets.com or phone the market manager asap on 07831 801592
  • DO NOT text or send a message via social media as it may not always be picked up
  • If you provide less than 24 hours’ notice you will still be charged stall rent
  • Pitches are not transferable – please DO NOT under any circumstance offer your pitch to another trader if you are unable to attend a market/event
  • If you are absent from a market for TWO consecutive months you will lose your regular pitch


  • All our monthly markets are open to shoppers from 9am to 2pm 
  • Stallholders must be on site before 8.30am
  • The market area must be clear of all traders’ vehicles by 8.45am (this is for safety reasons, there are no exceptions) 
  • Stallholders must be set up and ready to trade by 9am
  • If you arrive late for any reason, please DO NOT attempt to drive onto the market area, park up somewhere safe and find the market manager
  • Stallholders who regularly arrive late risk losing their pitch
  • The name of your business must be visible on your stall
  • We provide a stall but you'll need a tablecloth, a banner and signage showing products and prices 
  • Those serving on the stall must be involved in the production of the food or drink on sale
  • Only food and drink agreed by NDFM is allowed to be sold on your stall. If you want to extend your range to introduce new products please put the details in an EMAIL to info@northerndalesfarmersmarkets.com Each request will be dealt with individually and with impartiality.
  • Our intention is to continue to provide customers with a varied range of products on any market and to avoid too much duplication of one type of product.
  • Our monthly markets finish at 2pm but on some occasions (mainly bad weather) it may be necessary for the market manager to end the market early. Please note an early finish doesn't entitle you to a discount or refund on your pitch fee
  • Stallholders are asked to remain on their stall until the market manager closes the market/event – this is normally done with the ringing of a bell
  • Please DO NOT pack away your stall until the market manager has rung the bell
  • Please keep your stall tidy at all times and take your rubbish with you when you leave. Do not leave rubbish at the site
  • We ask that stallholders remain behind their stall - we do not allow stallholders to tout for business from the front of their stall
  • Do not place advertising boards or blackboards in front of stalls as they are a trip hazard. If there is space they can be placed at the side of your stall
  • Do not overload your stall. Stalls are designed to carry a reasonable amount of stock and lightweight display banners. 
  • If you receive a customer complaint, we expect it to be dealt with swiftly, professionally, and to a satisfactory outcome
  • We are a non-partisan organisation so please do not display political slogans or political paraphernalia on your stall (or on your vehicle if that vehicle is parked behind the stall)


  • Any questions, suggestions or issues you may have regarding trading with NDFM (including dropping a market) should be sent via email to info@northerndalesfarmersmarkets.com 
  • We ask that you DON’T do anything that risks bringing NDFM into disrepute. This includes (but is not limited to any of the following):
    • Disparaging social media posts about NDFM or any person or business involved with NDFM
    • Continuing to trade while uninsured
    • Continuing to trade if your hygiene rating has fallen below 4 Star
  • Any action that the directors believe brings NDFM into disrepute may result in you losing your place on all NDFM markets
  • Decisions taken by the directors are final


  • If you intend to sell alcohol at any of our markets/events you need the prior permission of the market manager. This includes alcohol sold as part of a gift pack. Please be aware that each market location has its own requirements for licensed activities
  • Where permission has been given and a licence for the retail sale of alcohol is in place we expect stallholders to follow all ‘Challenge 25’ rules.
  • Two of our market locations require individual stallholders to apply to the local authority for a TEN (Temporary Event Notice)
  • Three other market locations have a premises licence and those venues permit stallholders to trade under their licence once prior approval has been given 
  • At Stewart Park NDFM submits one TEN for the event and any traders wishing to sell alcohol must have the prior consent of the licence holder - speak to the market manager Nigel Davison for more details. Please bear in mind that as NDFM arranges the TEN at Stewart Park there will be a £10 levy applied to the normal pitch fee for alcohol traders  


  • NDFM is a business, and like any business it needs to cover operational costs or it will cease to exist. Pitch fees are NDFM income
  • Pitch fees are collected for each market/event by way of email payment links. You will receive an email containing a payment link for each market you are booked to attend
  • You are required to pay in advance of the market. Your pitch is only confirmed once we've received your payment
  • If we haven’t received your payment we will assume you are not attending 
  • Once payment has been made refunds will not be given
  • Please do not ask for a discount as a refusal often offends


  • Stall sheets (the red/white tarpauline) will be put on for new stallholders for the first two markets. Following the first two markets new stallholders must buy a stall sheet and six clips from the market manager
  • It’s then the stallholder’s responsibility to bring the stall sheet and clips to each market and to put it up 
  • New stallholders are on a three months’ trial period and at any time within that three months NDFM reserves the right to rescind the offer of a pitch 



  • NDFM uses social media to promote its markets. Stallholders are asked to support that promotion on their social media profiles.
  • NDFM calendar leaflets are printed at the start of each year and are available for stallholders to display and give away to customers – see market manager for supplies
  • We publish all events on the NDFM Facebook page – we ask that stallholders share details of the NDFM markets they are attending with their Facebook audiences


  • Please note that since Spring 2017 any new stallholder who is offered a regular pitch at our Stokesley market is required to attend at least one other NDFM market on a regular basis. Failure to do so will result in the loss of the pitch at Stokesley

NB: We may revise these terms of use at any time by amending this page. You are expected to check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes.